Director's Message

State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications, started in 1961 under the State Education Department was restructured as an autonomous institution under Department of Cultural affairs in 1976. Today it is one of the pioneer institutions engaged in creation of books on knowledge at all levels in Malayalam language.

The publications of the Institute are regarded as big contributions to the scientific literature of Malayalam language. The major objective of publishing a general Encyclopaedia in 20 volumes is nearing completion. Seventeen volumes have already been published. 18th volume is nearing completion.

The Institute has published several related volumes during this period. One major work is the completion of publication of Encyclopaedia on world literature in 10 volumes. Encyclopaedia on Environment, Astronomy and Evolution were publications which were greatly appreciated in the scientific world.

Publication of Encyclopaedic volumes on Kerala, Modern Technologies, Law, Cinema etc are among the programmes planned by the Institute.

This renovated website wills soon he enriched by addition of more volumes of Encyclopaedia.

The Institute is happy in being part of the initiatives of the cultural affairs department of the Kerala Government towards strengthening the cultural base of people of Kerala.

Dr. Muse Mary George