Ⅰ.     Formation and Viewpoint

In 1961, Malayalam Encyclopaedic Department was formed under the Higher Education Department of Kerala Government. Later in 1976 it was renamed as SIEP in accordance with the Travancore -Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Society Act. Now it is functioning under the Cultural Affairs Department of Kerala State Government in a building near Pulimood, on GPO Lane, Thiruvananthapuram.

The ultimate aim of the State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications is to bring knowledge to the common people of Kerala, and to make Malayalees aware of the cultural heritage of Kerala. As part of this endeavor we are publishing Sarvavijnanakosam ( General Encyclopaedia in 20 volumes). Along with that we are publishing Vishwasahithyavijnanakosam (Encyclopaedia on World Literature in 10 volumes). It is a matter of immense pleasure to state that the 10 volumes of World Literature Encyclopaedia was completed in 2016. Since the mid of that year all the volumes of Viswasahithyavijnanakosam have been available in the book markets of Kerala. And 16 of the 20 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam have also been completed, and are ready for sale.

In addition, we have published Vaarshika Vijnanakosam – 2011 ( Encyclopaedic Yearbook- 2011), and in connection with Biodiversity Year Paristhithi Vijnanakosam ( Ecological Encyclopaedia) and ‘Jyothisasthra Vijnanakosam ( Encyclopaedia on Astronomy) also came into the limelight. As part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute, a reference book entitled Saamskaarikam was also published. In June 2011 S.I.E.P. started Knowledge Web Repository Pilot Project (KWRP). Seven volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam are now available in the new website of the Institute (http://www.kwrp.gov.in). It is with the help of DEITY , New Delhi, an establishment of the Central Government, that the S.I.E.P could start this venture.

In another website ( (www.web-edition.sarvavijnanakosam.gov.in)) of the S.I.E.P, 15 volumes of the Sarvavijnanakosam are now available.

Ⅱ.     Governing Body

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
Vice Chairman Sri.A.K.BALAN
Hon’ble Cultural Affairs Minister
Director Dr. A R Rajan
 Pallotti Lane,
 Sreekaryam P.O.,
 Pin : 695 017
# Members
01 Secretary,
Cultural Affairs Department,
Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram
02 Additional Chief Secretary,
Finance Department,
Government Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram
03 Dr. K.N. Ganesh,
2821 Bilathikkulam, Housing Colony, Calicut
04 Shri. K. K.Krishnakumar,
Seema, 61, Anayara P.O., Thiruvananthapuram
05 Shri S Ramesan,
Aamunna, SRM Cross Road, Pachalam P.O., Kochi, PIN 682012
06 Dr. K.S. Ravikumar,
Geeth F- 5 , Elankam Gardens, Vellayambalam, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram
07 Dr. C.R. Prasad ,
Shreevaraham, TC 27/1779(1), Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 035
08 Dr. M. A. Siddiq,
Department of Malayalam, University of Kerala, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 581
09 Prof. G Rajashekharan Nair,
Sreeragam, T.C. 29 /1629 (3), Madathil Lane , Chembakasserri, Padinjarakkotta, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 023
10 Prof. K.N. Gangadharan,
Karamvalappil Veedu, B-5, Chithra Nagar, Vattiyoorkav, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 013
11 Dr. Lekha Narendran,
Sopanam, T.C. 15/845, Shishu Vihar School Road,Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram – 14
12 Prof. K. Pappootty,
Kanav, Madappally College Road, Vadakara, Kozhikode, Pin – 673 102
13 Dr. Ginesh Kumar, Eramam ,
Thanal, Periyatt, Pilathira P.O., Kannoor, Pin : 670 501
Ⅲ.     Administration: Office Structure

The Director is the head of the Kerala State Sarvavijnanakosam Institute. The institute has no district / regional offices.

Except the Government- ordered holidays, the Institute works on all other days, from 10.15 a.m to 5.15 pm. There is an interval between 1.15 and 2 pm.

Ⅳ.     Vijnanakosam Volumes Published

The S.I.E.P has published many volumes of encyclopaedias : 16 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam, 10 volumes of Viswasahityavijnanakosam, and several single-volume encyclopaedias. There are two schemes which have been adopted by the Institute for the promotion of the sales of these volumes.

1.   Instalment Scheme

Anyone can become a member of this scheme by depositing Rs. 100/-. Then he / she can pay Rs. 100/- + pay the multiples of 100/- to pay off the balance. And one needs to pay only the discount price ( now 25%) to get a volume. Postal expenses, if necessary, should be met by the instalment scheme member.

2.   Credit Scheme

According to this scheme, the volumes are given in advance to the member; the price is to be remitted in instalments. The following persons can avail themselves of this facility: Government/ semi government officials, school/ college teachers, bank officials, officials of all the public – sector undertakings. If one is to get membership in the credit scheme, one has to submit the application form available at the Encyclopaedia Office, along with the affidavit of the head of the office where he/she works. One has to submit the application, and remit Rs. 300/- along with it as the first instalment. Such members can get the necessary volumes in advance. The balance amount can be remitted in instalments.

Specialties of the Scheme

(ⅰ) A discount of 50% is available for 1 to 15 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam.

(ⅱ) 20% discount is given from the actual price.

(ⅲ) If one buys six or more volumes, the same may be sent by lorry parcel service. The member has to pay the parcel charge and receive the volumes. If the volumes are less than six, the same may be sent by registered post. Packing charge is to be met by the buyer. Rs 150/- for lorry parcel service, and Rs. 50/- per volume for postal service. This amount should be paid by the member. If a maximum of two volumes is required, one can get it in one packet at the cost of Rs 75. ( These charges may be changed without prior notice.)

(ⅳ) There should be three copies of the filled in application form. One copy is to be kept by the head of the office where the member is working. The remaining two should be sent to the State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications.

(ⅴ) The first instalment ( Rs.300/-) should be remitted as demand draft or money order. Or one can give the amount directly at the sales wing functioning at the Encyclopaedia Office.

(ⅵ) After giving the volumes to the member, a copy of the application will be sent to the head of the office where he/she works with details of the recovery. The head of the place of work should get the recovery amount in 10 instalments and send the same it to the S.I.E.P as demand draft or by money order. Or the subscriber himself / herself can pay it directly at the sales wing of the S.I.E.P. He/ she should inscribe the name and register number whenever letters are sent, or money is paid.

Details of Sales (Except packing / parcel charges)

Sarvavijnanakosam :

Title Price in Rupees
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 01 Rs.500/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 02 Rs.500/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 03 Rs.600/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 04 Rs.700/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 05 Rs.700/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 06 Rs.600/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 07 Rs.700/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 08 Rs.700/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 09 Rs.700/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 10 Rs.600/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 11 Rs.450/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 12 Rs.450/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 13 Rs.500/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 14 Rs.600/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 15 Rs.720/-
Sarvavijnanakosam : Volume 16 Rs.720/-

Viswasahithyavijnanakosam :

Title Price in Rupees
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 01 Rs.600/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 02 Rs.500/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 03 Rs.600/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 04 Rs.450/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 05 Rs.540/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 06 Rs.500/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 07 Rs.500/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 08 Rs.700/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 09 Rs.720/-
Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volume 10 Rs.950/-

Single-volume Encyclopaedias :

Title Price in Rupees
Paristhithi Vijnanakosam
( Environmental Encyclopaedia)
Jyothishastra Vijnanakosam
( Encyclopaedia of Astronomy)
Parinama Vijnanakosam
(Encyclopaedia of Evolution)
Saamskaarikam Rs.350/-

Prices may vary without prior notice.

Discount Rates

A discount of 50% is available for 1 to 15 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam.

One may get 20% discount when volumes are bought according to the Credit Scheme. If volumes are bought in the Instalment Scheme, the subscriber will get 25% discount.

If one buys all the volumes so far published together, one will get 30% discount, and 35% discount when bought at exhibitions.

If you like to buy a single volume of any of the following you may be given 25% discount from the actual price:

☛  Sarvavijnanakosam Volumes 1-16
☛  Viswasahithyavijnanakosam : Volumes 1-10
☛  One set of all the Vijnanakosams : 30 volumes

(i.e. 16 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam, 10 volumes of Viswasahithya vijnanakosam, four single-volume encyclopaedias)

If you want to buy just one volume of the above- mentioned books you may get 25% discount from the actual price of that particular volume.

One can download the application form for buying the volumes according to the Instalment Scheme from the website of the S.I.E.P.

Ⅴ.     Services

1. If a government / public sector official wants to buy all the volumes of the Vijnanakosam published so far, he/she could get them within 30 minutes for 20% commission, provided he/she submits the duly filled in application form along with Rs. 300/- as the first instalment. (The application form for this is available on the website of the State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications.)

2. If the price of the required volume(s) is paid as ready cash, one may get the volume(s) without delay at 30% commission.

3. The time schedule of the sales wing is between 10.30 am and 1 pm, and 2 pm and 4pm, in all working days.

4. The editors of S.I.E.P. prepare articles for each volume. Along with that we seek the help of experts from the fields of Education, Literature, Science, and so on. And we accept the articles they prepare if they are worthy to be published; and a remuneration will be paid i.e. Rs. 800/- as per 1000 words.

5. Sarvavijnanakosam Volumes 1 to 15 are available in the website ( www.web-edition.sarvavijnanakosam.gov.in )) of the S.I.E.P. The rest of the volumes will be made available as and when they are published. Arrangements for the same are already made.

6. A library with twentyfive thousand(25000) reference books is functioning in the office building.

Ⅵ.     To submit the articles
Experts can submit articles to our website. The e-mail address for the same is given below: sarvavijnanakosam@yahoo.com. If a person likes to submit an article for the Sarvavijnanakosam he/ she can write and send it to us. After scrutiny, if the article is found worthy to be published, the contributor may be given Rs. 800/- as per 1000 words. The conditions related to it are given below:

1. Type the article in Unicode font.

2. Save the typed matter as Open Office File.

3. Please Email the soft copies of the following:

a) The text and illustrations (images) as Open office document / portable document file.
b) A text file of the text without any image.
c) A folder with all the images saved according to the jpeg system. The contributor of the articles can suggest corrections / additional information to the existing articles.

Ⅶ.     Grant-in-Aid

The Institute functions with the grant sanctioned by the State Government as and when it provides as plan fund/non-plan fund. The amount that the S.I.E.P receives as the price of the volumes, is deposited in the revolving fund of the Institute.

Ⅷ.     Audit

The accounts of the S.I.E.P. is audited by both the Local Fund Audit and Accountant General,Kerala , Trivandrum.

Ⅸ.     Computer and Internet Facilities

In connection with the making of the encyclopaedias, computers with Internet facilities are placed in the Institute.
Any complaint the public has got with the services related to the encyclopaedias, can be lodged with the Director whose address is given below:

Ⅹ.     Right to Information Act
# Services rendered Officer concerned to render the service Time limit to render the service Phone numbers
1 Receiving the application related to RTI act Smt. S . Jalajakumari
Administrative Officer,
Public Information Officer
Time limit allowed by the Act on Right to Information 0471-2334877
2 Rendering the Relevant Information as per RTI act Smt. S . Jalajakumari
Administrative Officer,
Public Information Officer
Time limit allowed by the Act on Right to Information 0471-2334877
3 Settling the appeal related to applications on RTI act Dr. A.R. RAJAN
Appellate Authority
Time limit allowed by the Act on Right to Information 0471-2321301

The Director
The Kerala State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications
Jawahar Sahakarana Bhavan, Tenth floor,
DPI Junction, Thycaud. P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram – 695014

E-mail : sarvavijnanakosam@yahoo.com
Website of the Institute : www.sarva.kerala.gov.in