Future plans

In modern times subject encyclopaedia are in great demand. For example, the acceptance received by Mc Grow-Hill Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology. In Malayalam also the requirement of such encyclopaedias on various subjects, is very high. This will help the propagation of knowledge; and it may enrich our language. The Institute publications such as Paristhithi vijnanakosham (Encyclopaedia of Environment), Parinama-kosham vijnanakosam (Encyclopaedia of Evolution), and Jyothishasthra vijnanakosam (Encyclopaedia of Astronomy), are valuable and successful contributions to our State and its language. The SIEP is planning to publish subject encyclopaedia on the following.

Kerala vijnanakosam (Encyclopaedia on Kerala)

A Complete reference book on Kerala history, life style of its people, art, literature, geography, places of tourist importance, government offices, and the like, are in our aim.

Navasaankethikavidya Encyclopaedia (Encyclopaedia on Modern Technologies and Innovations)

A Malayalam book of information which will compile topics like new discoveries and inventions in the field of science and technology, ongoing changes that occur in the world of science, details about scientific research, will be published by the Institute.

Niyamavijnanakosham (Encyclopaedia on Legal Matters)

Another project of SIEP is an encyclopaedia which deals with legal topics. It will be of much help to the common man who craves to have an idea of the legal world. It may contain articles on the laws and regulations of India, constitutional system, how to approach government offices, police department, court, etc, when he/she has to go to for personal and social justice. It may give information in detail. This encyclopaedia will be published in our mother tongue, and we are sure it may enrich the commonman’s knowledge and vocabulary related to the legal world.

We also plan to bring to limelight the following encyclopaedia on cinema, social science, physics, biology, computer science etc.