It is with the primary aim of bringing all the knowledge available in the universe to the common man that the State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications-Sarvavijnanakosham Institute was started. It is modelled after the internationally acclaimed Encyclopaedias like Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopaedia Americana, Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, The Caxton Encyclopaedia, Encyclopaedia of Space Science, Animal Life Encyclopaedia, Collier’s Encyclopaedia, and the like. Sarvavijnanakosham seeks to bring the oceans of general knowledge hidden in such books to the Malayalee in his/her own mother tongue. The language aspects of Malayalam would also be enriched. And such knowledge would widen the horizons of understanding and imaginations of the Keralites. The SIEP. tries to make them well aware of the developments in science and technology and in art and culture.

It is our avowed aim that Malayalam should be made the medium in administration, court proceedings, education, and so on. If this is to be achieved, umpteen number of books should be published in Malayalam. The world of information is growing faster and faster everyday. The SIEP has undertaken the task of making Malayalees informed and modern through their mother tongue.