Parinama Vijananakosam

(Encyclopaedia of Evolution)

This is the first authentic reference book in Malayalam which deals with the genesis and evolution of life.

The subjects discussed in Parinama Vijnanakosham are given below: A close-up view of evolutionary theories put forward by Darwin and the scientists who came after him; atomic evolution, the growth of the embryo and evolution etc, the authentic and simple details related to the process of evolution, big and small biological groups which are now extinct, etc are given here. Detailed and lengthy articles on the evolution of single-cell beings to human beings also are given in our Parinamavijnanakosham. Art paper is used in this volume, and it is very attractively presented.

Parinamavijnanakosham is an elaborate reference book set in ¼ demy size. There are 697 pages; and art paper is used all through the volume. This makes the book very attractive. It is priced at Rs. 900/-