Sarvavijnanakosam volume 06

The Sarvavijnanakosam is planned as a 20 volume series, with each volume containing 1000-1500 articles approximately. The titles are arranged in an alphabetical order. Eventhough a global perspective is adopted while selecting topics for inclusion in each volume, special attention is given to highlight and emphasise topics that are of typically Indian or keralite origin.

The first volume of the series was published in 1972, and it was revised in 2007. It includes the topics from 'Aa' to 'Amrithuvalli'. The second volume was published in 1974 and revised in 2009 has topics from 'America' to 'Andrezheed'. The third volume starting with 'Andrapradesh' and ending with 'India' was first published in 1976 and revised in 2011. The article on India spread over approximately 170 pages is the highlight of this volume. The fourth volume published in 1978 and revised in 2013 has topics from 'Indian Antiquiry' to 'Rishi'. topics from 'A' till 'Oustaush' is included in the 5th volume first published in 1979 and revised in 2013. The 6th volume including articles from 'Ka' to 'Kanjanaseetha' was published in 1981 and revised in 2011. This volume includes one the most informative articles on Kathakali written in malayalam. The 7th volume published in 1984 and revised in 2012 has articles from 'Kanjeepuram' to 'Krishnadevarayar'. The 8th volume starting with 'Krishnan' and ending in 'Kongo' was published in 1987 and revised in 2014. The highlight of this volume is a comprehensive article on Kerala. The 9th volume was published in 1990 and revised in 2012. It includes articles from 'Kongo' till 'Gandhi'. The 10th volume published in 1995 and revised in 2011 starts with 'Gandhiyan Sampathika Vyavasthithi' and ends in 'Chithralipi'.

The 11th volume containing articles from 'Chithralekha' till 'Njorichundan Matsyam' was published in 2000, the 12th volume with articles from 'Da' till 'Delta' in 2004, 13th volume with articles from 'Deltaresmi' till 'Thennali Raman' in 2005 and 14th volume from 'Thenmala' to 'Nadhi' in 2008. The 15th volume published in 2010 was the first Sarvavijnanakosam with all pages printed in colour. It includes articles from 'Nadheethada Sanskaram' till 'Neermathalam'. The 16th volume starting with 'Neervaka' and ending with 'Pakkanar Kali' was published in 2015. The 17th volume is expected to be published shortly. the work of all the remaining three volumes have already commenced and is heading for a time bound completion.