Paristhitivijnankosam (Environmental Encyclopaedia)

Many Environmental challenges that society faces today, are discussed in this encyclopaedia; Global warming, climate change, depletion of ozone layer, reduction of biodiversity, deforestation, the threat raised by plastic and e-waste, energy crisis, and so on. There are war fronts in defence of environment in India, such as Chipko Movement, Narmada Bachavo Aandolan, Chaliyar, Plachimada, Koodamkulam and so on. Many have come forward to protect environment. There are also articles on organic farming methods which are based on environmentally sustainable practices devoid of the use of potentially hazardous insecticides and pesticides. Thus there are articles touching open environmentally important issues.

This volume is in ¼ demy size. It contains 840 pages. Our Encyclopaedia is visually attractive and aesthetically appealing. It is prices at Rs. 700/-

Parinamavijananakosam (Encyclopaedia of Evolution)

This is the first authentic reference book in Malayalam which deals with the genesis and evolution of life.

A close-up view of evolutionary theories put forward by Darwin and the scientists who came after him; atomic evolution, the growth of the embryo and evolution etc, the authentic and simple details related to the process of evolution, big and small biological groups which are now extinct, etc are given here. Detailed and lengthy articles on the evolution of single-cell beings to human beings also are given in our Parinamavijnanakosam. Art paper is used in this volume, and it is very attractively presented.

Parinamavijnanakosham is an elaborate reference book set in ¼ demy size. There are 697 pages; and art paper is used all through the volume. This makes the book very attractive. It is priced at Rs. 900/-

Jyothishasthravijnanakosam (Encyclopaedia of Astronomy)

This is a valuable reference book in 704 pages. It is set in ¼ demy size. This volume is set in art paper, and is presented very attractively. Even though very important and serious scientific topics are dealt with in the Jyothishasthravijnanakosam, the articles, appeal to all common readers. There are about 600 articles and more than 2000 pictures in colour, and photos of so many astronomical geniuses, great theories that analyze the origin and development of the universe, and so on.. It will be an asset to anyone who possesses it. The price is fixed at Rs. 900/-


The articles on Cultural Institutions controlled by Govt. Of Kerala and Cultural affairs Department have been classified in to Six chapters in this Book.